Packed Suitcase | Ask Chris: ISO Romantic Weekend in Alexandria, Virginia
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Ask Chris: ISO Romantic Weekend in Alexandria, Virginia

Ask Chris: ISO Romantic Weekend in Alexandria, Virginia

A Packed Suitcase reader needs a little advice from their favorite mid-atlantic travel blogger. You know what that means… It’s time for another edition of “Ask Chris.”

Here we go!

I just stumbled across your web-site.  It’s great. I love the mid-atlantic focus as it seems to be an often overlooked area.  Have you ever been to Alexandria, VA?  I was looking at it for a weekend anniversary trip but don’t want to go by just the tourism web-site. I really liked the old town feel, the history, and plenty of choices between activities or just people watching at an outdoor restaurant.

Any advice you can give would be appreciated.

A Romance-seeking reader from Philly

Romantic Weekend in Alexandria

Photo Credit: Alexandria Convention & Visitors Association

I love this reader for many reasons. One, she likes my site– WHOO! Two, she’s on the mid-Atlantic bandwagon– DOUBLE WHOO! And three, she’s picked a fantastic spot for an romantic weekend away with her hubby– WHOO HOO!

Alexandria would be a perfect weekend anniversary getaway. It’s so cute with lots of shops, fantastic restaurants, upscale hotels, robust history and easy proximity into DC (though there’s enough to do in Alexandria without heading into the city.)

This is what I would do if I was planning a romantic weekend in Alexandria.


Romantic Weekend in Alexandria

Photo Credit: R Kennedy for ACVA


Any of the stylish Kimpton properties (Hotel Monaco, Lorien Hotel and Spa, Morrison House) are good bets for a romantic weekend away.

Romantic Weekend in Alexandria

Photo Credit: C Davidson for VTC


Things to do:


Hope this helps anyone in search of a great (and romantic) weekend in Alexandria! And if any of you awesome readers have any other tips to add, please pass tips along in the comments below.


  • Gisele
    Posted at 00:03h, 02 December

    Historic Sites to consider:

    Christ Church, a colonial church smack in the middle of Old Town (George Washington prayed here).
    Mount Vernon, George Washington’s home is just a short drive away and totally worth it.
    Gunston Hall Plantation, home of George Mason is also a very interesting place to visit.

    Places to eat:
    The Fish Market Restaurant, right by the water, has some great deals on seafood during happy hour.
    Pop’s Old Fashion Ice Cream, which is right next door to the Fish Market, has the BEST chocolate malt evah! Enjoy your trip, Alexandria is a great place.

  • Christina S.
    Posted at 09:47h, 02 December

    Thanks for coming to my neck of the woods 🙂 My biggest piece of advice: the waterfront and last few blocks of King Street before the waterfront are a bit touristy for my taste. I much prefer the quieter west end of the neighborhood.

    Some food suggestions:
    – Skip Restaurant Eve for dinner and go for lunch: you can sit at the bar and have a great lunch with a glass of wine for $40

    – Skip Vermilion for your anniversary dinner (which isn’t as great as it used to be) for fancy dinner and head to Brabo instead. It’s connected to the Lorian Hotel, my favorite in Old Town.

    – If Pizza Paradiso is too crowded or isn’t on the right end of town, head to Red Rocks, which is my favorite pizza anywhere in the DC area.

    – There are tons of great Italian restaurants in Old Town – head to Il Porto or Giordano’s to get your pasta-fix on, or just north of Old Town head to A la Lucia

    – Good sushi (with awesome happy hour pricing) at Flying FIsh

    – If you’re in Old Town on Monday night, head just south of the area on the GW Parkway to Faccia Luna for pizza, wine and salads for 2 for $25

    – If you want to go to PX, make reservations online ASAP. I’ve actually never been able to get a reservation all the times I’ve tried. You can find their reservations site through the Eammons website (also a good place for fish and chips!)

    – Good, casual lunch can be found at King Street Blues, Murphy’s Irish Pub (also half priced burgers on Tuesdays!) or Bittersweet.

    – Get off King Street and stroll through the neighborhood. There are tons of interesting little plaques to read on houses and the architecture is just charming. Pop your head into St. Mary’s Church – the oldest Catholic church in Virginia – and Christ Church.

    – Definitely visit my neighborhood of Del Ray! Dairy Godmother is Wisconsin-style frozen custard to die for, Cheesetique offers a wide array of cheeses and a great bistro, Caboose Cafe offers great authentic Ethopian food and Pork Barrel BBQ is always hopping. The closest thing in Del Ray to a bar is Del Ray Pizzeria (where the President is also a fan of their deep dish pies).


  • Bryson Fico
    Posted at 11:04h, 02 March

    The restaurants and shops in Alexandria are unique and quaint. A trip to Mt. Vernon and a boat ride on the Potomac were fun and entertaining. I love the proximity to Georgetown and the National Mall.