Packed Suitcase | The Most Outrageous Food at the Maryland Renn Fest
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The Most Outrageous Food at the Maryland Renn Fest

The Most Outrageous Food at the Maryland Renn Fest

Signs 2

For the past 30-some years, minstrels-in training, ladies, lasses and squires, beggars, wenches, knaves and even kings have been conveying on a 27 acre bit of forested land in Crownsville, Maryland each fall. No, it’s not a time machine. It’s the Maryland Renaissance Festival!

Here, people come to step back in time, to partake in historical merriment and participate in a rowdy glimpse of the past. People also come for the food. While perhaps not a historical representation of the food available Ye Olde Middle Ages, the Maryland Renn Fest’s food (many of which is playfully served “on a stake”) is all part of the experience.

Hear ye, hear ye! I hereby proclaim that these decadent morsels are my favorite, most outrageous not-to-be-missed items that you, too, can snack on at the Maryland Renaissance Festival.

Fried Mac and Cheese

Mac and Cheese… on a stick!
This salty, cheesy, creamy, crispy triangles of fried awesomeness on a skewer are a probably one of the best festival-food inventions of my lifetime. It is… amazing.


Scotch Egg

If I was anywhere else, a Scotch Egg — a hard boiled egg wrapped in sausage and deep fried — would be a little bizarre. But somehow, it seems like a fitting snack when surrounded by people in medieval costume.


Oyster Shooters

Crownsville is less than 10 miles from Annapolis, which means fresh seafood can be found amongst of the Festival’s fried food. Head to O’Shuck’s Pub for steamed shrimp and — my favorite — raw oyster shooters.


Steak on a Stake

My uncle Mike takes a bite out of Steak on a Stake, a Renn Fest classic.


Beer for breakfast

Libations are essential to washing all this salty, fried food down. Pubs, taverns and inns abound throughout the festival grounds selling Sam Adams brews, ciders and local Maryland wines.


Funnel Cake Fries

My cousin Annie found her favorite treat– Funnel Cake Fries! Yes, I like these way better than regular funnel cakes. Same doughy flavor, but so much easier to snack on.


Italian Ice

This orange Italian Ice was tart and refreshing- and the best part? It was served on a half of a frozen orange.


Sweet Nuts

Throughout the grounds, you constantly hear melodies of “Sweet Nuts! Please try my sweet nuts!” Yes, saucy. But these sweet nuts are actually really delicious. *blush*


Cheesecake on a Stick

Chocolate dipped cheesecake… on a stick. (Need I say more?)


Finally, I can’t write about Renaissance Festival food without covering the ultimate Renn Fest nosh… the TURKEY LEG.

Turkey leg handoff


Turkey leg 2


Turkey leg

Note the man behind me…


turkey leg pose

…he wanted to join in the turkey leg photo-taking fun.


So, after a day of eating festival food, I admit… I’m ready to eat salads for a week. But what say you? FESTIVAL FOOD… UTTERLY DELICIOUS OR KINDA OVER THE TOP?


  • Laura @Travelocafe
    Posted at 03:14h, 10 September

    What a great way and place to enjoy food!

  • Melissa
    Posted at 17:31h, 10 September

    I love a good Renn Fest! I’ve been to one in Deerfield Beach, FL, several times. Many turkey legs to be had. One year there was a kilt modeling contest that got a little … well … let’s just say that these men were wearing their kilts and not much else.