Packed Suitcase | Local Travel Month- Where I’ve been so far…
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Local Travel Month- Where I’ve been so far…

Local Travel Month- Where I’ve been so far…

It’s Day 10 of Local Travel Month, and I sure have been busy!! Here’s a round-up of what I’ve been up to so far!

Brunch at the historic Gadsby’s Tavern in Alexandria, Virginia — 24.3 miles away

George Washington ate here!


Dinner at Oyamel — 10.9 miles away
(One of José Andrés’ restaurants… he’s a DC legend!) 

Extra spicy guacamole that was made table-side… and was perfect with a margarita with salt “foam”.


A fancy event at the Hungarian Embassy — 7.1 miles away

Outside the Embassy of Hungary in DC


They served appetizers, desserts and unlimited champagne!


I’m one step closer to visiting Budapest…


The Great Philly Cheesesteak Taste Test — 135 miles away
(and some other Philadelphia fun!)

For my winner of the Pat’s / Geno’s debate, check out my post.


I didn’t realize how much amazing street art (aka graffiti) is all around downtown Philly.


Dinner at Pho 75 — 20.6 miles away
(one of the best Pho joints around)

I like my pho extra spicy!


Camping in Brunswick, MD — 48.1 Miles away


Our campsite was right along the water!


It also was right next to one of the east coast’s major train hubs. At night, the trains came through every 15 minutes. It was… loud.


Our campfire and the party tent, all set up for happy hour!  (Read how I figured out how to start a campfire!)


My friend Diana made a new friend.


Steak and potatoes baked in the fire… the quintessential campfire dinner!



This weekend, I’m heading to Southern Delaware! I’m staying at the gorgeous and historic Brick Hotel on the Circle in Georgetown, Delaware and am going to be checking out all kinds of hidden gems throughout the region– from the Dogfish Head Brewery in Milton to the Lightship Overfalls in Lewes.

Stay tuned here at Packed Suitcase throughout October for all of my local travel adventures. (And follow along with #TravelLocal on Twitter and Instagram, too!)


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