Packed Suitcase | Snapshot of the Week: Seattle’s Daily Dozen Doughnuts
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Snapshot of the Week: Seattle’s Daily Dozen Doughnuts

Snapshot of the Week: Seattle’s Daily Dozen Doughnuts

On my recent trip to Seattle, I pretty much spent my first day eating my way through the city.

Everything that I sampled that day was fresh, delicious and distinctly local. From the spongy yet inexplicably crunchy crumpet with creamy, homemade ricotta and tart lemon curd from The Crumpet Shop to the ice-cold, briny Quilcene Oysters from the nearby North Hood Canal I savored at Elliott’s Oyster House on Pier 56.

But, perhaps the most decadent treats I devoured that day were the half dozen mini-doughnuts (plus one bonus one that they generously threw in for free…) I purchased at the Daily Dozen Doughnut Company within Pike’s Place Market.

My paper bag was steaming hot and filled with 2 powdered sugar, 2 sprinkled with ooey gooey chocolate and 3 cinnamon sugar. They were all just-fried, hot and crispy outside yet delicately doughy and perfectly warm in the center. In a matter of 10 minutes I ate all 7 doughnuts. Well, inhaled may be more accurate…

Luckily in the middle of my “great doughnut annihilation”, I had the foresight to photograph this culinary journey, so — behold! Doughnuts!


As you wait, you see your doughnuts cook and get “flavorized” right before your eyes. Everything moves like clockwork, and the lines go fast!


After you order, you’re presented with this: an innocuous paper bag.


But a peek inside reveals a veritable carnival of deliciousness!


These were GOOD!


Check out the ratio of dough to chocolate to sprinkles.


My last doughnut- cinnamon sugar. (Check out the rubble on the table… I’m a savage.)







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