Packed Suitcase | #FriFotos: Windows
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#FriFotos: Windows

#FriFotos: Windows

I’ve always loved photographing windows. The structure, the architecture… the promise of what view lies outside it. Something about them always has enticed me to whip out my camera and snap a quick shot.

And sometimes, it isn’t even the actual window itself, per se, but the way a reflection bounces off of the glassy surface that’s special. Or, looking through a window to reveal a most extraordinary scene.

Today’s #FriFotos Twitter event was the perfect opportunity for me to go through my photos and share my favorite Windows photos with you.


A Malibu sunset get a unique perspective through the reflection of windows.


My yurt at Chile’s Patagonia Camp was ideally situated on Lake Toro. The sweeping window overlooked the dramatic Paine Massif.


Overflowing flower boxes precariously hanging from Venetian window


The windows at the Royal Sands Resort in Cancun, Mexico entice all that walk through the lobby to step outside and enjoy paradise.


In New Zealand’s Waiheke Island wine country, the vines climb far up the walls… almost covering the windows!


Hamden’s adorned windows in Baltimore, Maryland help passersby feel the holiday spirit.


My view every day…


This is one half of my apartment building. One lazy day on the couch, I looked over to see these perfect patterns formed by the setting sun.


During the 2010 Snowpocalypse, I burrowed down at my parent’s house and watched the snow fall, and fall, and fall.

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