Packed Suitcase | Snapshot of the Week: The Washington Monument
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Snapshot of the Week: The Washington Monument

Snapshot of the Week: The Washington Monument


Living right outside DC, I see the Washington Monument all the time! Despite the relative normalcy of it, whenever I pass it by I always bring out my phone to snap a quick picture.

Except, one day about a month ago, I was walking by the stone obelisk. It was ridiculously, incredibly hot, and we had been walking over an hour. I gave a half-hearted glance at the monument and thought “eh, I don’t need a pic this time.

But after taking a moment to stop and rest, in boredom I decided to take a quick shot. “Why not?

I’m so glad I did, because capturing the monument silhouetted with wisps of clouds in a bright blue sky left me with my all-time favorite pictures of the monument that I’ve ever taken.

  • Adam Sommer
    Posted at 20:56h, 09 August

    Great shot! You are quite the photographer 🙂

    Amazed you brought a camera in the heat (I am from StLouis and its just as hot…100+ everyday).

    • Chris
      Posted at 21:58h, 09 August

      Thanks Adam! Believe it or not, I took this shot on my iPhone! The 4S is a great “on the go” device, so unless I’m out on a adventure, I usually leave the real camera at home!

      • Adam Sommer
        Posted at 23:45h, 09 August

        Ah, that makes more sense 😉 I don’t go anywhere without my iPhone!

        They really have become great cameras!

        • Chris
          Posted at 23:47h, 09 August

          They are! And with apps like Instagram (which I LOVE) it makes iPhone photos even better!