Packed Suitcase | Seattle Day 2: Living it Up with the Locals
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Seattle Day 2: Living it Up with the Locals

Seattle Day 2: Living it Up with the Locals

After such a spectacularly whirlwind-tastic first day exploring Seattle, I was ready to use my second day to slow things down just a bit. Part of travel isn’t just hitting all of the top sites but trying to also get a feel for what the destination is all about. What makes it unique.

As I sit here typing this in a typical Seattle coffee shop, packed and ready to move on to Olympic National Park, I think I got a pretty good overview.

I’ll be posting a full Seattle post soon, but here’s a photo preview of how I spent my 2nd day.

I started the day at the EMP Museum, dedicated to music and science fiction. Here is a view of the colorful exterior with a reflection of the Space Needle.


View of the EMP’s interior.


My favorite part of the EMP was the Avatar exhibit. Beautiful, interactive, high-tech, futuristic, magical… it honestly was how all museum exhibits should be.


I met up with my friend Jill to spend the rest of the day. We visited the King Tut exhibit at the Pacific Science Center. I’ve been wanting to see it for years, and wasn’t disappointed.


I had to go back on the Space Needle for a daytime view. I used a CityPass this trip, which gave me 2 passes to use in 24 hrs., which worked out swimmingly!


Jill and me atop the Space Needle


Determined to see a side of Seattle that tourists don’t normally get to experience, Jill took my to Alki Beach via the commuter water taxi. Check out this view… all for $3.50!


Commuters. (I’m sure they really appreciated my photo-taking after a long day of work…)


Took the bus to Alki Beach. Went to one of Jill’s favorite spots Bamboo for Happy Hour. We both got the Bamboozle. One of these was enough alcohol to cover me for the whole night!


Alki has their own Statue of Liberty!


Finished the Bamboozle and was rewarded with this gorgeous sunset from Alki Beach.


Alki Beach has lots of fire pits, all of which were in use on this perfect Seattle summer night. The smell of burning wood and cardboard was warming as the ocean breeze chilled the air.


As Day 2 came to an end, I was rewarded with this nighttime shot of the Seattle skyline. It’s been a whirlwind, but I’ve loved every minute.


Next stop: Olympic National Park!

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