Packed Suitcase | Where in the World Wednesday: 5.4.11
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Where in the World Wednesday: 5.4.11

Where in the World Wednesday: 5.4.11

Welcome back to Where in the World Wednesday!

The concept is simple:
We: Provide a riddle in the form of a haiku.
You: Try to guess the city or town described. Post your guess in the comments section.

Easy, right?

Later this week, the answer will be posted. Whoever guesses first gets a special shout out.

And, here we go!  

On the north island,
    Ground steams, but hobbits aren’t here.
        Raft or soak all day. 


Do you give up? Scroll down for the answer!

keep going…

You’re almost there!

This week we’re in Rotorua, New Zealand.

Looking for an explanation?

On the north island: Refers to New Zealand’s North Island… this line is pretty straightforward!

Ground steams, but hobbits aren’t here
: Refers in part to Rotorua’s robust geothermal activity, including geysers, mud pools and hot springs.

Also, this clue is a nod to the Lord of the Rings trilogy that was filmed all throughout New Zealand.

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Raft or soak all day:
Refers to some of Rotorua’s most popular tourist activities. Whitewater rafting down the Kaituna River, or soaking in one of the therapeutic hot springs.

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