Packed Suitcase | Where in the World Wednesday: 5.18.11
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Where in the World Wednesday: 5.18.11

Where in the World Wednesday: 5.18.11

Welcome back to Where in the World Wednesday!

The concept is simple:

We: Provide a riddle in the form of a haiku.
You: Try to guess the place described. Post your guess in the comments section.
Easy, right?

Later this week, the answer will be posted. Whoever guesses first gets a special shout out.

And, here we go!

A magical place
    Where fairies fly, rodents rule.
        Here, you’re always young.



Do you give up? Scroll down for the answer….

Keep going…

You’re almost there!…

This week, we’ve got a little Disney magic! Can you feel it?

And, because we appreciate you so much, we’ve made it easy and there are 5 correct answers

  • Walt Disney World in Florida
  • Disneyland in California
  • Tokyo Disney
  • Disneyland Paris
  • Hong Kong Disneyland.
Looking for an explanation?
A magical place: Refers to the infamous Disney magic, obviously!

Where fairies fly, rodents rule. This is the crucial clue… Tinkerbell flies every night in the 5 theme parks as part of the nighttime fireworks show, and Mickey Mouse (the aforementioned rodent) is king of the Disney brand.

Here, you’re always young.
At Disney, you can always be a kid a heart!


Congratulations to @wherechugo who correctly guessed Disney on Twitter!

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