Packed Suitcase | Snapshot of the Week: Vail, Colorado
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Snapshot of the Week: Vail, Colorado

Snapshot of the Week: Vail, Colorado

This week’s Snapshot of the Week contributor, Katie Stratman, calls Denver, Colorado home.  She loves to spend her free time exploring all Colorado has to offer, from running and hiking to skiing and mountain biking, and can usually be found outside… unless she is busy in the kitchen baking her (someday) world famous Katie’s Kookies.

Living in Colorado, she feels like she is constantly on vacation and enjoys traveling all around Colorado as well as back to Ohio to visit her two adorable nephews and the rest of her family.

Nothing takes your breath away quite like the sight of the amazing Rocky Mountains.  Their massive height, snow-capped peaks, and the abundance of heart pounding activities they provide make them a top travel destination any time of the year. 

The back bowls at Vail Mountain in Colorado not only provide you with scenes like you see here, but also set the stage for some of the best skiing and snowboarding in the world.  It’s hard to keep your focus on where your skis are headed when you’ve got a backdrop like this all around you!

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