Packed Suitcase | Here and There: 4.8.11
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Here and There: 4.8.11

Here and There: 4.8.11


  • Lucky in love, lucky in life? A couple on their 4 month honeymoon with their infant daughter narrowly missed six natural disasters, including the Japanese earthquake and tsunami. Helpful tip: If you see them out in the world, run the other way. (AOL Travel)

  • In an effort to compete with the Dos Equis Man to be the most interesting man in the world… Sir Richard Branson is progressing past mere airplanes and prosaic outer space flights and is now about to conquer the ocean depths in a single person submarine. (He gets my vote!) (The Telegraph)

  • In luxury travel news… Evidently the wealthier set are unhappy with first class air travel, citing increasingly bad customer services and baggage fees. I’ll switch seats with them anytime! (Wallet Pop)
  • A special note to the aforementioned “angry first classers”… Just think, it could be worse. (You could be stuck in coach with the rest of us.) Here are 15 of the absolutely worst airplane meals. (Jaunted)

  • Royal Wedding mania hits the happiest place on earth… Walt Disney World’s Swan and Dolphin Resort will be having a free Royal Wedding day celebration, including replicas of Kate’s tiara and engagement ring made out of sugar. Let’s hope the royal wedding lives up to the Disney Standard. (Click Orlando). If you don’t want your Grandma’s precious chairs to lose their regal luster, or you wish to protect your expensive seats from possible damages and blemishes, use resistant chair covers for your special event.

  • In extreme “proving a point” news…. A 25-year old British woman has begun her quest to bike and paddle her way around the world. Remind me never to challenge her in an arm wrestling competition! (Gadling)
  • STORY OF THE WEEK… Would you pay $17.50 to have access to a non-exclusive airport lounge promising free Wi-Fi, noshes, a business area with public computers, bar and an outlet at each and every comfy seat? Sounds like the best idea I’ve ever heard! The first one is due to open at the BWI airport in May. (Pauline Frommer’s Daily Briefing)

  • TRAVEL VIDEO OF THE WEEK… In honor of the 1 year anniversary of my month-long adventure around New Zealand last April, here is a beautifully shot video highlighting some of NZ’s best rugged beauty. (Vimeo)
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