Packed Suitcase | Here and There: 4.22.11
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Here and There: 4.22.11

Here and There: 4.22.11


He’s at it again… Richard Branson, Virgin’s enigmatic founder, lost a recent bet to AirAsia’s CEO. His penalty? He’ll act as an  female flight attendant (cross dressing, shaved legs, in-flight duties and all!), on a May 1st charity flight from London to Kuala Lumpur. If only I had $7,000 for a ticket to join in on the fun…  (AOL Travel)

You’ve got to be kidding me… The cast of the Jersey Shore is going to film their 4th season in Florence, Italy. First thought: They’ve actually been renewed for a 4th season? Second thought: Noooo! Not my precious Florence! Florentines, grab your gelato and run for the hills! (Daily Mail)

He’s at it again, AGAIN!… Twice in one week, Branson’s made the cut. For this story, he’s working towards turning one of his own private islands into an endangered lemur preserve. Who IS this guy? (Jaunted)

Creative, or creepy?… Comedian and Travel Channel host Bert Kreischer has been called out as possibly the “World’s Worst Hotel Guest.” The crime? Leaving his hotel rooms with a disturbing scene for the housekeeping staff… then posting his creations on Twitter. Examples include a shirt stuffed in a fridge to resemble a dismembered torso, legs poking out under the bed, and a toilet paper body outline. Personally, I’d prefer cuddly towel animals to bodies. (AOL Travel)

Rats on a plane!…  Delta Airlines has been advised by the FDA that one of their internationally flying planes had so much rodent poop that it was “too numerous to count.” Even better? There was a concentration of droppings right near where the food was kept! I think that while I’d prefer rats to snakes, I’d rather that neither be on my m-f-plane. (Bloomburg)

VIDEO OF THE WEEK: To get everyone ready for the Royal Wedding, here is a very fun commercial (with some great cameos) from T-Mobile honoring the upcoming nuptials.

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