Packed Suitcase | The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas: A Glam Girlfriend Getaway
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The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas: A Glam Girlfriend Getaway

The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas: A Glam Girlfriend Getaway

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. Just the name alone evokes fond feelings for women… Memories of girlfriends gossiping over frilly, potent pink martinis… of an exciting lifestyle that many of us aspire to have.

With so much of Las Vegas geared towards men, it’s only fitting that the new kid on Sin City’s already very crowded block, the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas, caters instead to the fairer sex.

Since the hotel opened in December 2010, I’ve heard such great buzz about the property that I just had to check it out for myself. After spending a weekend there with two of my best girlfriends, I can say that the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas provides the perfect home base for the ultimate Girlfriend Getaway.


The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas (or, as we’ll call it, the CLV) boasts a full casino, a world-class spa, 3 pools, 5 bars, 13 restaurants and 1 top-secret pizza joint.Where many hotels on the Strip compete to have the loudest presence in order to stand out amongst the chaos, the CLV stands alone in its understated luxury, its unabashed style. It’s a place that instantly draws you in and encourages you to stay and hang out for a while.

Highlight: When you first walk into the lobby, you’re hit with an art installation that just screams glamour and excitement. 8 gigantic columns equipped with LCD screens and mirrors project scenes such as champagne bubbles, falling snow and butterflies.In my 4 days there, I don’t think I ever saw the same design twice, and it awed me each and every time I passed by the lobby to get to our room.

The Cosmopolitan: West Lobby from labatrockwell on Vimeo.


When you think of “Las Vegas” you probably aren’t drawn to visit because of the hotel rooms. In a city with over 150,000 rooms, it’s hard to keep each one feeling unique and not just the product of an assembly line.

PROS: With architectural and modern rooms I felt more like I was in a high end hotel in New York or LA. It was the perfect place to have a bottle of champagne to get ready for a night out, or retreat to after a day full of Vegas hustle and bustle.

Highlight: For those “don’t want to get out of bed” moments… the room service menu is pretty reasonably priced. For 3 of us to have each an entrée for dinner, the cost ended up being under $25/ person (including tax and tip!).

CONS: Our room had a terrace that overlooked the Bellagio Fountain… which would normally be a total “pro” but there was no way to get out there. Design fail?

Photo courtesy of the Cosmopolitan


The CLV’s Sahra Spa is the perfect way to spend a relaxing and pampering afternoon. The spa’s “theme” is the desert, and natural influences like water and sand-colored stone are incorporated into the ultra-luxe design.

Highlight: At the recommendation of the spa, I ended up choosing the unique “Aromacouture Massage.” Upon arriving, I was given an iPad that contained a quick quiz that promised to analyze my mood and provide the perfect scent for my massage oil. I really liked the scent, so maybe they’re on to something!

The spa was also notable because we had a celebrity spotting there as well- one of the Kardashians!


From burgers, to steak, to Greek, to even Chinese-Mexican fusion (!), the Cosmopolitan has brought in some of the best chefs to create a diverse and impressive roster of restaurant offerings.

Some foodie favorites for the ultimate Girls Night Out:

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Jose Andres’ China Poblano restaurant is a bold quick-eats concept that features both Chinese and Mexican food on the menu. There’s a handy take out window as well, for those truly on the go.

If you’re looking for a higher-end dining experience, then look no further than Top Chef Stephen Hopcraft’s STK, the hip steakhouse that boasts in-house DJ to compliment the clubby feel.

Highlight: The top secret pizza joint! Literally a hole in the wall, there are no signs and no advertisements for this hidden gem. Like the best speakeasies, this NY Style pizzeria is unnamed and fueled by word of mouth alone. Expect amazing pizza (about $3-4/ slice) with very few frills, although there is beer on tap. Open until 4 am, it’s the perfect end to a long night out.

While finding the pizza place is half the fun, I’ll give you a hint… it’s on the 3rd floor. Happy hunting!


At most Las Vegas casinos, in addition to the fancy clubs there are usually a number of cheesy, smoky bars that have bad cover bands and drunken people dancing awkwardly (but enthusiastically.)The Cosmopolitan is special because each of their 5 bars is actually worth going to. They’re all destinations in themselves and each one contributes to the overall ambiance of the hotel.

Highlight #1: The Chandelier Bar is the CLV’s showstopper. 2 million Swarovski crystals (worth over $34 million) are draped to create a three-level chandelier that houses 3 different bars:

Level 1: Bottom of the Chandelier (“A high-energy hot spot that transcends the notion of the classic casino bar.” Indeed.)
Level 2: Inside the Chandelier (“A sophisticated cocktail haven.” You actually sit inside nooks made of strung crystal!)
Level 3: Top of the Chandelier (“An inviting lounge with a feminine touch.” Amazing cocktails here, as well!)Each level offers a different menu of specialty cocktails, but the best-in-class has to be the Fire Breathing Dragon cocktail at the bar on Level 2. I don’t want to give the surprise away, but it involves a raspberry that’s frozen with liquid nitrogen….
Photo courtesy of mtadams1208

Highlight #2:
The Bond Bar is noticeable from the Strip and is definitely worth a special Girls Night Out nighttime visit. It is stylish and girly, while also being very Vegas, with LED lights and over the top décor.

Like with the Chandelier Bar, mixologists are on hand here as well to make you a special cocktail well above the normal Gin and Tonic fare… Mine had a gummy bear garnish!

Bond Bar has the atmosphere of a club that encourages dancing (with DJs spinning a variety of good music from Motown to Top 40), but it is completely open to the casino and accessible to all. (What a concept!)


For future trips to Las Vegas, my first choice will be the Cosmopolitan. It provided the perfect Vegas experience, and was centrally located right smack in the middle of the strip, but it was an oasis all its own.

While the CLV is the PERFECT girlfriend getaway spot, I don’t feel like it was a casino built exclusively for women. While there was much to keep us happy, there was a complete balance of men and women throughout every place we went.

Truthfully, I could have happily stayed within the confines of the Cosmopolitan for the entire weekend and felt like I got the full Vegas treatment. In a city where everyone’s competing to be the best, this is one hotel that lives up to the hype.

  • T Chavarria
    Posted at 05:34h, 14 April Reply

    Really enjoyed reading this article about the CLV. I just booked for sometime this summer and very excited to experience this hotel. I am a LV Wedding Photographer and brides are always asking where the best place is to stay. Your input is perfect.

  • Packed Suitcase
    Posted at 15:45h, 21 April Reply

    Thanks! You won't regret staying there- it's really something special.

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