Packed Suitcase | Snapshot of the Week: Queenstown, New Zealand
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Snapshot of the Week: Queenstown, New Zealand

Snapshot of the Week: Queenstown, New Zealand

Queenstown. How fitting is it that New Zealand’s adventure capital is also one of the most pristine, most simply beautiful cities in their country? Well worth a stop on any South Island trip, take the gondola high up to the scenic overlook, spend the afternoon reading in the Queenstown gardens, try a Fergberger. Just enjoy being in such a picturesque and calming place.
For the rest of March, my Snapshot of the Week will feature some of New Zealand’s most spectacular scenery in an effort to call attention to the Blog4NZ Project. 

***To contribute to the “Snapshot of the Week” feature, please review the submission details and email with a description/ brief of what you’d like to contribute.***

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