Packed Suitcase | Snapshot of the Week: Milford Track
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Snapshot of the Week: Milford Track

Snapshot of the Week: Milford Track

Milford Track. The 3 day, 33 mile hike in New Zealand’s majestic Fiorland is the lushest, greenest environment I’ve ever seen. The hike is often otherworldly- like a background imported directly out of the movie Avatar. It’s a botanic wonderland filled with draping moss, ferns, crookedly ancient trees, bubbling brooks, rushing waterfalls. You are fully immersed in pristine nature.
While many visitors come to New Zealand and make the obligatory trip to Milford Sound, if you can hike the Milford Track first, it makes the views you see there that much more meaningful.
For the rest of March, my Snapshot of the Week will feature some of New Zealand’s most spectacular scenery in an effort to call attention to the Blog4NZ Project.

***To contribute to the “Snapshot of the Week” feature, please review the submission details and email with a description/ brief of what you’d like to contribute.***

  • Sarah (Catching the Magic)
    Posted at 02:23h, 21 March

    Such a magnificent walk! I did it way back in 1997! Beautiful photo and words.