Packed Suitcase | Here and There: 2.20.11
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Here and There: 2.20.11

Here and There: 2.20.11

Random musings about the week’s most interesting travel articles…

-If you thought the “Haunted Mansion” ride at Disney was scary, a UK Theme Park boasts an honest to God headless monk that haunts the grounds and causes a ruckus. (Jaunted)

-Darth Vader is finding an image boost this month. First, he made a splash at the Superbowl with clearly the best commercial of the night, then he makes a show stopping appearance at the International Hot Air Baloon Festival in the Philippines. The force is strong with this one. (Huffington Post)

-Archaeologists find 2,000 year old evidence of a Roman child skipping through the mud. Or, a construction worker walked across the excavation site. Look at the picture and you be the judge. (Sky News)

-The ginormous Lufthansa A380 has just gotten a bit more accessible. With a contest via Twitter, perspective passengers-to-be can tweet their idea seat number on the double decker aircraft and hope their number is chosen for a free ticket. (Tnooz)

-On of my absolute favorite solo travel tips: When eating alone, sit at the bar. (Vagabondish)

McDonalds McWeddings in Hong Kong? McYou’veGotToBeKiddingMe. McForReal. (Reuters)

-Crispin Glover is now more than just a sporadically creepy actor. It turns out he also owns a castle in the Czech Republic. (Huffington Post)

-A Quebec hotel made completely out of ice… don’t forget your mittens! (Travels With Two)

 -And finally, the super helpful (and humorous) Video of the Week, courtesy of, provides the final word on the difference between the UK, Great Britain and England.

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