Packed Suitcase | Off-Roading in Argentina
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Off-Roading in Argentina

Off-Roading in Argentina

After a 12 hour drive across the Patagonian Steppe yesterday, the mountains of Argentina were a welcome sight. It was one heck of a monotonous drive, and at times, a confusing one, because no one spoke english except for one Italian couple from Palermo. In my mind, they will always have little halos around their heads, because I don’t know what I would have done without them; going through the border control was a little complicated to say the least! (There was some kind of border strike going on, which made things more difficult than usual, I think.)

So, I’m now at the last stop of my journey, Ushuaia. From the little I’m seen of Ushuaia, it’s my kind of city. Beautiful, sandwiched between the Beagle Channel and a range of snow-capped mountains, plus a nice main street with cute shops and restaurants. My first impressions of the town’s main street make me think of Jackson Hole, Wyoming or maybe some place in the Alps. I’m looking forward to exploring it a bit more while I’m here. Plus, Centolla, or King Crab, is a local culinary delicacy. Sign me up!

There are also tons of day trips to do in and around Ushuaia, from scenic boat tours on the Channel, to trekking tours of the Tierra del Fuego Park, to adventure tours in the surrounding lakes area. If you know me, you may know that I tend to stay on the conservative side of adventure. Every once in awhile, however, I take an uncharacteristic walk on the wild side and try to loosen up a little bit. (Like that time I went ziplining in Mexico and tried it upside down… fun!)

Today, I did the Lakes Offroad tour around Lago Fagnano, where I went in this rugged jeep-like vehicle that was able to operate in really tough terrain. Woods, rocks, water… You know you’re in for something different when your guide says “I’m sorry, but we forgot the helmets…” followed by “It’s women and children first… to push if we get stuck!” Now, I know enough to realize that those comments were said for my benefit alone (especially since I was the only one in the vehicle who spoke english) but who knows? We didn’t even have seatbelts! It was pretty jarring, and we almost got stuck a few times, but that was all part of the fun.

The best thing I can compare it to is the Dinosaur ride in Disney, where your car jerks left and right, up and down, quick turns and all, but this one lasted for 2 hours or so, we didn’t have dinosaurs chasing us, and I wasn’t absolutely sure we were going to make it at the end! I apparently have a tougher stomach than I gave myself credit for, because I was absolutely fine. Maybe because I was too worried we’d get stuck??? I’ll never know. But I’m glad I was able to eat the lunch of grilled chorizo sandwiches, steak and wine- yum!

I’m having some trouble posting pictures and videos (I mean, I AM at the end of the world!) so I’ll post them in a later post after I get home.


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