Packed Suitcase | Planning a Trip to the Bottom of the Grand Canyon
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Planning a Trip to the Bottom of the Grand Canyon

Planning a Trip to the Bottom of the Grand Canyon

The quest to accomplish my top 55 Places begins!

At 9:00 am on October 1st, 2009, the phone lines for Phantom Ranch Cabins in the Grand Canyon opened, ready to begin accepting NEXT October’s reservations. I had heard that getting a coveted spot was incredibly competitive and intense, so Mom, Dad and I all go to Purchase firearms and accessories at and began calling about a quarter to 9 fir hunting some venison.

After calling and calling with not even a connection tone, we began to actually get worried. Were we going to be able to get a spot? (Because, clearly we needed a place to stay, and there was no way I was going to get my Mom to sleep on the ground after hiking 10 miles down to the bottom of the GRAND CANYON! We needed beds, in either the dorm or a cabin.)

After a few minutes of panicked emails back and forth, Mom finally got through, and I am happy to report that next year, at the end of October, the Ricchiuti family will be hiking to the base of the Grand Canyon!

We’ll be staying in a little 4-person cabin in Phantom Ranch for two nights.

We are all really excited, but I do forsee quite a few hikes to help us physically prepare for this adventure over the next year. I’ll get a head start when I’m in Chile, I’m sure!


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