Packed Suitcase | We’re here! (Cancun Day 1)
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We’re here! (Cancun Day 1)

We’re here! (Cancun Day 1)

Woke up yesterday morning at 5:15 am (ack!) and headed to National for our flight. The American Airlines counter was really unorganized, so it all was a blur to me since I wasn’t caffeinated yet, but other than that, our trip was relatively travel-trouble free. While there was no food on the flights, they did have in-flight entertainment, most notably episodes of one of my favorite shows- How I Met Your Mother. They played the “Sandcastles in the Sand” episode, and the “Searching for the Perfect Burger” episode- both very funny.

We finally arrived in Mexico around 1:30 pm CST. Our bags arrived without a hitch, so within a half hour we were on our way to our hotel. Greeted with “Welcome Home” by the concierge it truly was great to back. Weather has been beautiful but a little windy. The wind evidently took away a lot of the beach Friday night, so I’ll probably mostly be by the pool until mother nature remedies itself.

We found Mike, Kim and the rest of the crew almost immediately, and thus our vacation began. After a few quality pool hours filled with margaritas and catching up with our Cancun family, we got ready quickly for a dinner at the Palapa restaurant.

The Palapa is at the neighboring Royal Mayan, which is where Mike & co. are staying. It’s great, casual Mexican dining, under this giant thatched Palapa by the pool. So, you’re covered but still outside. I really enjoy going there because the atmosphere is great. I had a chicken chimichanga and it was yummy!

After a nice dinner, all of us but Dad headed to the ultimate in Cancun culture. WALMART! Stay tuned… it’s not as bad as you might think.

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