Packed Suitcase | Cancun: Packing Edition
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Cancun: Packing Edition

Cancun: Packing Edition

Finally! We leave for Cancun tomorrow! I’ve done pretty much everything I need to do to get ready, from laundry, to pedicure, to random errands, to packing and now it’s just a matter of finishing things up at work so I can leave without a second thought.

Next week, the Yucatan weather looks to be perfect. Low 80s, and sunny, with just a small potential for showers a couple days. Hey, that’s fine by me. There’s no hurricane on the horizon so we’re in good shape.

The worst part will be the trip from my apartment at 6 am to the airport, with no jacket, just a hooded sweatshirt to keep me warm. But from then on, it’s sunshine, baby!

I’ve packed with beach fun in mind, and have a few essentials that I’m bringing with me:

  • a Royal Resorts beach bag
  • sunglasses
  • sunscreen (SPF 30 for the first half of the week, and SPF 15 for the rest)
  • rugged Teva sandels (in case I end up adventuring anywhere)
  • Books (A Year in the World by Francis Mayes, Slacker Girl by Alexandra Koslow, The Joy of Living by Yongey Rinpoche Mingyur, and Enchanted, Inc. by Shanna Swendson)
  • iPod shuffle (for the beach)
  • iPod touch (for the room, loaded with Dexter, Three Sheets, and a bunch of new tunes)

Looks like I’ve got everything I need to relax and enjoy the vacation. I will try to post while I’m there to give you the scoop on the trip. Happy holidays!

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