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Top Travel Apps for Women

Top Travel Apps for Women

Note: This post was originally posted on Go! Girl Guides on 7/22/11.

There’s no question that smart phones have revolutionized the way we travel. Where once we were traveling blind, we now have access to countless apps helping us do everything from trip planning to how to get around once you’ve arrived… all contained in our trusty smart phone!

While the iPhone is the clear leader in terms of sheer volume of apps, more and more you can find the same high-quality apps on other platforms like the Android and Blackberry as well.

So grab your smart phone of choice and check out our top travel apps for all of you Go! Girls… to aid you no matter where your travels may take you.


When you’re living the jet setting lifestyle, it can be tough to learn much more than the cursory “hello” and “thank you” in any given language. With the Google Translate app, your vocabulary will be instantly expanded as you type in words or phrases in your native language to have them translated on your phone. (It works the other way, as well.)

With over 58 different languages available for translation (everything from Spanish, to Greek to Yiddish), never again do you need to be lost for words when telling a cabbie where to drop you off or negotiating the price of a souvenir in the local market.

The best part? If you’re unsure how to pronounce your translation, there’s a handy feature that lets you listen to the translations spoken aloud (for 23 languages).

Available on: iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Android

Cost: Free


We all know that 911 is our go to emergency phone number in the US, but did you know that when you go abroad, each country has its own set of emergency numbers?

The Help Call app brings together essential international emergency information in a very easy-to-navigate 4 button system (a button each for Police, Fire, Ambulance and a pre-selected Friend) to get you quickly connected in times of need.

The best part? Help Call has up to date information for 126 countries, and the location auto-detect feature automatically uses the correct emergency numbers for your given country location.

Available on: iPhone, iPod touch and iPad

Cost: $.99


I think that we can all agree that there’s nothing worse than a being in an unfamiliar place and in search of a restroom. Luckily, the SitorSquat app, sponsored by Charmin, documents nearly 95,000 bathrooms worldwide to help you find a bathroom when you need it.

While there are a couple downsides (such as limited options in smaller cities and abroad) if you’re in a major US city, it’s a super helpful resource to help you search by your location to see bathrooms that are closest to you.

The best part? Users can “rate” their experience and even post photos so you’ll be sure to find a clean spot to do your business.

Available on: iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Android and Blackberry

Cost: Free


Don’t spend your precious travel time trying to navigate a confusing new subway system! With the AllSubway app, you’ll have access to the underground maps for over 125 cities worldwide- everywhere from Adelaide to Mumbai to Zurich- to help you plan your trip and figure out the best route from point A to B.

The best part? You don’t need internet access to view the maps and plan your route, which is handy when you’re lost underground!

Available on: iPhone, iPod touch and iPad

Cost: $.99

TO DOCUMENT YOUR JOURNEY: is an app that helps you take your ordinary camera phone photos and transform them into digital works of art. While you’re on the go, you can easily use on your phone’s photos to apply a variety of filters to modify the colors, saturation and textures of your photos. It also has a super-cool tilt shift feature to add depth and artistry, especially dramatic on those sweeping landscape shots.

The best part? Once you’re happy with your altered photo, you can then sync up the app to any of your social networks (such as Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Flickr and Foursquare) which makes sharing your creation to friends and followers as simple as pressing a button.

Available on: iPhone, iPod touch and iPad

Cost: Free


Remembering to take your birth control pill is tough enough when you’re home and immersed in your normal schedule. But when you’re on the road, it can be downright impossible to remember to take it at all, let alone take it at the designated time to ensure optimal consistency and efficiency. (A must!)

The Pill app takes away all of the guesswork and lets you schedule a daily reminder at the time of your choice.

The best part? You’ll even get notifications when your phone is in plane mode, working to keep you on schedule even when you’re on the go.

Available on: iPhone, iPod touch and iPad

Cost: $.99

How would you rate these apps? Which are your favorites? 
  • Delarie L.
    Posted at 05:57h, 03 February Reply

    Great list! I'd sure like to try Help Call and the Pill app. Anyway, if you happen to be spending a vacation in Boston, I highly recommend “25 things to do in Boston.” It's a great city guide that works offline and it lists 25 of the best attractions/activities that the city has to offer. You can check it here: Keep on posting!

  • Parker
    Posted at 12:43h, 05 October Reply

    These are awesome, thanks so much! My wife is going to love this page! She’s kind of an app-oholic, especially when we travel, especially now that we have kids. Beyond the normal travel apps, we’ve been finding a ton to keep them busy. A great app for travel with the kids is this remote access app I got through my work at DISH. It allows me to watch anything I want off my home receiver as long as I can get a 3G or wifi connection. It gives the kids a chance to watch some of their favorite cartoons and really helps keep them getting bored and disturbing any of the other passengers.

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