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I’m “Published!”

I’m “Published!”

As you may have seen from one of my earlier Packed Suitcase blog postings, Travel Channel has a private, internal employee blog where we can post our travel experiences and pictures. There are often contests to help give us the incentive to post, which has lead to a surplus of fun and often compelling stories.

TPTB (aka The Powers That Be) decided to give viewers a way to see how TC employees live with the travel bug by creating a public place where people can see the best of the best of the employee blogs.

So today, launched “Terminal T” and my Cancun beach blog, which I re-posted here a couple months ago, is featured as one of the 5 they are rolling out with. At this point, they just have the beach-related blogs up, but soon they will be expanding to feature all different kinds of topics.

You can see my blog on Terminal T here. (I’m the 4th one down!)

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