Packed Suitcase | My February LA Adventure
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My February LA Adventure

My February LA Adventure

I’ve been working in TV nearly 7 years, and have never made it to southern California for work. I’ve worked with a lot of LA-based production companies, dealt with the time difference for conference calls and had to listen to them gloat about the nice weather during the winter, but somehow never had a reason to visit for myself.

Last week, I was given the fantastic opportunity to go manage a Travel Channel marketing shoot for the 2009 Upfront Presentation. Upfront is essentially a really, really important presentation for a television network, designed to inform advertisers of the great, new programming and dazzle them so they have no choice but to want to advertise on your network. There’s a lot of glitter around these presentations, so it takes a lot to stand out.

While our concept for this year is still top secret at this point, and really shouldn’t be discussed on an open blog, I can tell you that this was no easy project to manage, involving a 2 day shoot. But, it was a great opportunity to reclaim some of my “production” game and finally get to see the city that my business is built around.

I will say that it wasn’t quite as I expected… The people are much nicer than I would have thought, and the Hollywood sign is MUCH smaller than you would guess. Just a tiny little phrase on a huge hill-side. The scenery is beautiful and peaceful, and the dirt cliffs next to the Pacific Coast Highway definitely explain why mudslides are such a huge problem to that area.

My sole celebrity sighting (well, other than the Travel Channel talent that were there) was Brian Grazer, a big-time Hollywood producer for a TON of movies. (The DaVinci Code, A Beautiful Mind, Apollo 13, etc). He may not be flashy, but he’s a big deal to the industry.

After my few days in Santa Monica and Malibu were up, I took one extra day off for my birthday, and celebrated it in the Happiest Place on Earth- Disneyland! What a great time! I’ll post those pictures soon.

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