Packed Suitcase | A Smoky Mountains New Years
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A Smoky Mountains New Years

A Smoky Mountains New Years

After 8 hours, 450 miles, and 15 Cracker Barrels, I’m finally home after a great New Years Eve trip to the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee.

I’ve never been down to this part of the US before, and while I admit there was some culture shock (11 rows of bibles in the local bookstore, Pancake Houses on each corner, no Starbucks) all in all it was a great trip and the perfect place to ring in the New Year.

We stayed in a log cabin. Now, when I think of log cabins, I think of “roughing it” – something that I try to avoid. (Maybe it’s due to bad camping memories from my Girl Scout days…) However, in the Smoky Mountains, log cabins are definitely the way to go, and the sheer number of different developers has created competition that keeps them incredibly well maintained and, dare I say it, pretty darn luxurious. It’s standard for each log cabin to come with a hot tub, fireplace, several bedrooms, full kitchen, and wrap-around porch with amazing views of the mountains. There are many great in-cabin services available, like good food delivery and even massages. It was hardly roughing it.

Since this was my first time there, I had initially wanted to really see the region (Pigeon Forge, Gatlinburg, Smoky Mountains National Park) but we ended up being pretty lazy thoughout this trip. However, we did muster up the motivation to go into Gatlinburg one afternoon, and went straight for the Gatlinburg Sky Lift, a seat for two that lifts you up the mountain for a great view of the valley. Using only my little Flip Video camera and the accompanying free software, here is a little video of our journey:


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