Packed Suitcase | Memorable Cancun photos
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Memorable Cancun photos

Memorable Cancun photos

It’s cold, it’s rainy, and I’m bored, so it’s time to start gearing up for my vacation in paradise. Here are some of my favorite Cancun photos. (at least, since I’ve had a digital camera.) I’m having some trouble putting space between lines, so please bear with me as I work though the woes of being a new blogger.

While it’s hard to get too much sun, sometimes there’s nothing better than a lazy afternoon in out of the sun. I captured this picture on one of those rainy days in 2006. This is usually the point when Dad beats me at Scrabble. (The “Q” gets me every time!) At least I hold my own in Rummy.
The iguanas are everywhere, and for the most part are very oblivious to us walking around them. However, every once in a while you’ll get a grumpy one, and he’ll charge you. Totally scary in the moment, but generally harmless.
Dad will, naturally, kill me for posting this picture. But I love it. It’s him (left) with our friend Alan from PA. They look like long lost brothers, drinking beer at 10 am. It’s always happy hour somewhere.
Taking a dip in the cenote (underground sinkholes filled with water) near Ek’ Balam. Kind of spooky when you can’t see what’s underneath you…
The quintessential Chichén Itzá picture. (L-R Uncle Mike, Cancun friend Katherine from Vancouver, cousins Griffin and Bailey, Mom and Dad) Yes, we climbed to the top. All I can say is very narrow steps and lots of scared tourists getting in the way.
Conga line at Pericos a place designed for tourists looking for the crazy Cancun atmosphere. Live mariachi bands, encouraged dancing and drinking… what more can you want for a Thanksgiving dinner? This picture was taken in 2002 right before I graduated college. Fiesta.
There’s no real story to this picture. I don’t even remember where it was taken. I just thought it was pretty and perfectly cliché.

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